Liberating body from chassis enables you to boost your operational efficiency and vehicle utilisation.

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Swap the old way

Swap parked-up single-use light commercial vehicles for a flexible versatile multi-purpose YOYO equipped fleet

Single purpose light commercial vehicles parked up until needed, means a constant battle to keep vehicle utilisation up. Vehicle load and unload slows delivery turnaround times down. 

For The YOYO way


Select the vehicle body for each job on demand from your versatile fleet of interchangeable vehicle bodies and chassis. Preload prior to collection and demount fully loaded. Operationally efficient. Great vehicle utilisation.

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Install YOYO MultiDrop to chassis and body


Load up or exchange vehicle bodies onto any long or extra-long wheel base van from any manufacturer in minutes.

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It takes just 80 seconds to load or unload a YOYO MultiDrops equipped body

Any body type


Instead of a fleet of single-purpose vehicles, YOYO MultiDrops’s interchangeable system enables one van chassis to swap between different body types

YOYO supports most van body types
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Solve today's problems and create tomorrow's opportunities


LCVS constrained by their body type?   

Make them flexible and versatile 

Frustrated by slow turnaround times?   

Pick up or drop off load in minutes

Depot full of parked vehicles?

Keep them on the move by swapping bodies as required

Van breakdown?

Swap chassis to put the load back on the road

Worried about a diesel-less future? 

The freedom to switch your bodies to alternative fuel LCV models as they become available

Applications across markets


Urban deliveries

YOYO brings flexibility and future proofing to the home delivery market

Future proof your fleet for low-emission zones and ultra low-emission vehicles


YOYO has applications across the Construction market

Multi-role vehicles mean you have the right body type for the job

Blue light

YOYO has multiple applications in blue-light emergency services

More flexible and efficient fleets for any incident or emergency 

Armed services

Armed Forces benefit from the flexibility of multi-use vehicles and the ability to transport vehicles bodies independent of chassis

Transport loaded bodies not entire vehicles for cost effective rapid response


YOYO brings the flexibility of multi-use vehicles to Utility fleet owners

Invest in vehicle body fit-out that can be swapped on chassis replacement


YOYO brings new opportunities to hospitality

Drop off mobile kitchens, welfare trucks - whatever the client needs