Load any body onto any chassis

Installing YoYo MultiDrops frees your fleet from inefficiencies of single-purpose Light Commercial Vehicles in just three easy steps

Step 1 - Add the YOYO chassis frame to the van chassis

Fit a YoYo MultiDrops chassis frame to base van chassis

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Step 2 - Add the YOYO load frame to the body

Fit a YoYo MultiDrops load frame to each of your required bodies

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Step 3 - fit YOYO's unique gear and cable control system to the chassis

Your YoYo equipped body can now be loaded

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The faster way to load and unload 


Load or unload a body in 80 seconds

Load a YOYO body in 80 seconds
  • Demount body to the floor

  • Pre-load ready for collection

  • Collect and go

  • Unload cargo offline


Now see YOYO in action

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The safer way to load or unload

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With YOYO MultiDrops load and unload is not only quicker, it's safer.

Speed, distance and torque is monitored constantly to ensure smooth and safe loading. 


The system implements automatic stop if:

  • An obstruction is detected

  • Payload is unbalanced or insecure

  • Pay load limit exceeded

  • Surface gradient is too steep

Additional safety features include:

  • Manual emergency stop buttons

  • Illuminated working area

  • In-use flashing amber light

  • In-use audible user warning

More flexible, more efficient

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Isn't it time to wave goodbye to single-purpose LCVs, parked up and costing not earning you money?

Say hello to a more flexible, efficient and future proofed fleet.