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Time of change

The reality of business is revenues have to be driven up and costs down. 

Operational efficiency is the goal of all operators of Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) fleets.

Never more than now with so many uncertainties, especially Brexit, Government targets and legislation to reduce emissions

Success comes to those who change and innovate


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YOYO interchangeable van body system supports most van body types

Increase your operational efficiency

With YOYO MultiDrops on board, you can increase your operational efficiency. Interchangeable bodies makes your vehicles multi-purpose, keeping them on the road and boosting utilisation.

The ability to load and demount laden bodies, reduces driver load risks and boosts turnaround time. It also maximises per-shift drive time.

 A YOYO MultiDrops-equipped body lasts at least two vehicle chassis cycles, so you maximise your capital investment, in vehicle chassis and bespoke bodies and fit-outs. 

Increase vehicle utilisation

Gone are the days you're saddled with single purpose vehicles sitting idle waiting to be used. With YOYO MultiDrops you simply swap the interchangeable bodies to match your job requirements.

It increases your vehicle utilisation and optimises your flexibility.


Load and drop-off the welfare unit


Load and deliver parcels in a box van


Deliver chilled goods in a refrigerated unit

Reduce turnaround times

With YOYO MultiDrops, the vehicle need not be present during loading.

Bodies can be pre-loaded ready for collection and unloaded after de-mount, minimising job turnaround times. 

Drive time per shift is also maximised.

Future proof for electric and alternative fuels

We know diesel will be phased out. We know ultra-low emission vehicles will be required.

We know electric and alternatively-fuelled vehicle chassis will be available for the 4.2T category, but we don’t know when.

YOYO MultiDrops technology enables vehicle bodies to be swapped not only between your current fleet of chassis, but onto new low-emission model chassis as they become available.